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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How does a water ionizer work?
  2. What happens to alkaline water once it reaches the stomach, which is highly acidic?
  3. What are the various levels of alkalinity and acidity (pH) for?
  4. Why should I understand the cleaning cycle of an ionizer before I buy?
  5. Do I need a plumber to install water ionizers?
  6. How do I get my ordinary tap water, once the ionizer is attached to the tap?
  7. How do I install and adjust my water ionizer?
  8. What type of water can I use to produce ionized water?
  9. What maintenance do Ionways (Jupiter) water ionizers require?
  10. How do I know when the filter needs replacing?
  11. Can I store the water? For how long?
  12. How low an O.R.P. measurement do your water ionizers achieve (i.e how strongly antioxidizing are they)?
  13. Can I cook with alkaline ionized water?
  14. What warranty do you offer?
  15. What is your return policy / Guarantee?
  16. Is it ok for children to drink ionized water? What about pets?
  17. What are some of the harmful organisms and chemicals removed by the Ionways ionizer filters?
  18. How can I get a water quality test for the area I live in?
  19. What advantages does ionized water have over reverse osmosis or distillation?
  20. Are there any cautions about drinking alkaline ionized water?
  21. What can I use the acid ionized water for?
  22. How reliable are Ionways ionizers?
  23. Will an ionizer work with hard water? How can I prevent scaling?
  24. What are acid wastes?
  25. Why should I remove chlorine from my drinking and bathing water?
  26. What is a pH saliva test?
  27. How soon do you ship products?
  28. How do I get support before, during, or after purchase?
  29. Is alkaline water suitable for livestock and pets?
  30. Can I connect an ionizer to my water softener?
  32. I'm already an Ionways (formerly Jupiter) ionizer customer and I have questions about my machine.

1. How does a water ionizer work?

You can watch this short video. Connecting directly to your faucet -- or undersink -- a water ionizer uses a two step process. The first task is to filter out harmful components of the water: chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, taste, organic waste, and bacteria of all kinds. Ionways achieves this by the use of a multistage activated carbon filter containing tourmaline and coral calcium. Next, a small electrical charge is introduced into the water through platinum-coated titanium electrodes. The process of electrolysis that follows takes place in a patented chamber designed to separate the water into two streams of ionized water:

Positively charged ions gather at the negative electrode to create reduced water, which concentrates available alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium from the source water. This alkaline ionized water is drawn for drinking and cooking, through the main stainless steel spout.
Negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrode to make oxidized water, which concentrates acid minerals such as nitrates, sulfides, chlorides, and fluorides from the source water. This acid ionized water has a myriad of external uses. It is discharged into the sink.

A range of pH settings from neutral to very alkaline or very acid is available at the touch of a button. The electrodes are cleaned in an automatic cleaning cycle. To view a demonstration of just how effective this is, click here: Ionized Water Demo. To see the chemistry of water ionization, click here.

2. What are the various levels of alkalinity and acidity (pH) for?

Ionways water ionizers provide, at the push of a button, water that varies from mildly alkaline to highly alkaline. This enables you to accustom yourself gradually to higher levels of alkaline drinking water (e.g. pH9.5 to 10). You should start slowly with one glass of ionized water at the lowest alkaline setting and work your way up over several weeks to higher levels and amounts. If you experience any discomfort from detoxification, just move back to the previous level or smaller quantities. It also allows different members of the family to dial up their preferred level. The highest levels of alkalinity are for cooking.

In addition there is a button for water that is purified only filtered but not ionized. Its pH level will be close to the level of your regular tap water. This water is for those taking medications which should not be combined with alkaline water.

As for the various levels of acid ionized water, you will probably use the most acid level for the long list of uses for acid water (see FAQ#17 and Article on Acid water).

Remember: the pH level of ionized water will vary with the pH of your source, i.e. your tap water. In addition, if you wish to make the water more alkaline or more acid, simply slow down the flow of water, and the pH level will change by approximately a value of 1. A simple to use pH test kit is provided with every Ionways water ionizer, if you wish to check pH levels for yourself.

3. Do I need a plumber to install water ionizers?

No. They come with a diverter kit that fits all standard kitchen faucets, and installs easily in minutes. With the Melody Ionizer, you also have the option of connecting directly to the water mains. For this you probably will not need a plumber, since the new undersink kit is designed for anyone with household skills.

If you wish to install a Melody water ionizer under the sink, we can supply you with an Under-the-Sink Conversion kit.

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4. How do I get my ordinary tap water, once the ionizer is attached to the tap?

By the flick of a lever on the diverter.

4. How do I install and adjust my water ionizer?

See our complete selection of videos on installing, adjusting and maintaining your Melody, here, or your Microlite here ,or your Venus here or your Aquarius/Orion here.. To see what a typical on-the-counter installation looks like, click here.

If you've lost your installation manual, click on the appropriate link:
Aquarius Part I
Aquarius Part II

5. What type of water can I use to produce ionized water?

Regular municipal tap water is best. Water from distillers or reverse osmosis is devoid of minerals; therefore it cannot be ionized without the use of a remineralization cartridge (which we supply). Call us for details at 1-877-770-5247. Regarding water from private wells: Water ionizers can be used with most well water. The two most common problems found in well water are hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg, sulfur smell) and high iron content. Both these conditions can often be remedied by proper pre-filtration.(Contact us). If you have a well, please call us first, preferably with a copy of your well's water analysis.

In general, the mineral content of your source water directly affects the strength of ionized water you can produce. The more minerals, the stronger the ionization: higher alkalinity and higher antioxidant potential. However if you have very hard water, call us first.

For a complete understanding of water quality and how it affects ionization, click here.


6. What maintenance do Ionways water ionizers require?

Virtually none. All the ionizers we sell have an automatic self-cleaning feature. In areas with "hard" water, ionizers may require de-scaling every 1-2 years, using household vinegar. See the instructions here.

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7. How do I know when the filter needs replacing?

An LED indicator on the front panel gives an approximate indication of remaining filter life. Generally the standard Biostone filter lasts 8-12 months and the Ultrafine Biostone filter lasts 6-8 months. But this depends on the source of water and the amount of use. For example, if your tap water contains between 0.4 and 1.0 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine, a filter can last 12-16 months for one person's use. If greater than 1.0 ppm, the filter may last 9-12 months. A family of three on a typical North American water supply will use a filter every 12 months.

If you smell or taste chlorine in your water after it passes through the ionizer, change your filter. If you find that the flow rate through your filter has decreased, it's probably full of particles and now needs replacing.

By changing your filter at regular intervals, you are assured of the inner hygiene of the filter.

8. Can I store the water? For how long?

Yes, alkaline ionized water is best kept in an airtight glass or stainless steel container. It can be refrigerated or kept in a cool place. Avoid storage in aluminum containers. The alkaline properties will be retained for 1-2 weeks, but they are strongest when fresh (within the first 3 days). The antioxidant properties start to diminish after 18-24 hours. So for the best benefits, drink it within a day or so. Here are some typical results for refrigerated ionized water, stored in a sealed glass container:

#Days after ionization
pH loss (i.e., becoming more acid)
Loss of antioxidant property
0.5 pH
0.6 pH
0.6 pH
0.7 pH

8A. How low an O.R.P. measurement do your water ionizers achieve (i.e how strongly antioxidizing are they)?

A low O.R.P. (oxidation reduction potential) signifies a strong antioxidant). Depending on the source water, our ionizers can achieve readings as low as -800mv . Click here for a recent example.

9. Can I cook with alkaline ionized water?

Yes, in fact your food will taste better and your body will assimilate the nutrients more readily. You will notice the difference especially at the most alkaline settings (higher pH): your greens will be greener, rice fluffier, tea and coffee tastier.

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10. What warranty do you offer?

For all Ionways water ionizers: the Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the original purchaser for life on all parts (bumper to bumper) and 100% of labor costs in the first three (3) years. After the first three (3) years, the purchaser is responsible for any labor costs (billed at $60/hr.) to a maximum of $199 per occurrence. Average repair time is less than one hour. Best Water will cover all shipping costs for 1 year, and then return shipping for up to 3 years from date of purchase. After that the purchaser is responsible for all shipping. Items that have not been assigned an RMA number ("return authorization") will not be accepted. The warranty begins on the purchase date.

We conduct all servicing here at Best Water -- in our two locations in North America, and we'll be here for years to come. The warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with, altered, or subject to improper use. Warranty also requires regular filter replacement (min. every 12 months).

The Vitashower filter is warranted for 1 year. For warranty work, please call us for instructions: 1-780-433-4076 (Customer Service direct line). Full details here.

11. What is your return policy / Guarantee?

We offer a 14 day Risk-Free trial period for all Ionways water ionizers. If you are not completely satisfied, return the unit to us for a full refund, shipping for North America included. Plus you get to keep the bonus educational DVD included with every purchase.

Important: No return can be accepted without our prior authorization. Please call 1(877) 770-5247 ext 4 Toll Free, to receive your *Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#). We will notify you of your refund once we have processed the returned item. You can expect a refund to be sent within 10 business days of our receiving your return.

For non-ionizer purchases: 14 day return policy for unopened goods. You can watch this short video.

Ruby Drink12. Is it ok for children to drink ionized water? What about pets?

Absolutely. Even nursing infants. And since children have usually not accumulated toxins in their bodies, they experience no detoxification symptoms. (a few adults might).

As for pets, see here.

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13. What are some of the harmful organisms and chemicals removed by the Ionways ionizer filters?

Chlorine, trihalomethanes, suspended solids, cryptosporidium, parasite (cysts), waterborne flu virus, organic compounds, heavy metals, e-coli and other bacteria. For a more complete list of contaminants removed by the filter,see our Biostone Filter page. In addition, the ionization process that follows filtration reduces the amount of acid minerals (such as sulfates) in the alkaline water. It also has the effect of reducing fluoride concentration. For a look at lab results, see here

13A.How can I get a water quality test for the area I live in?

If you live in the US, visit this website: www.ewg.org/tap-water/whats-in-yourwater. Canadians:  www.safewater.org/PDFS/ocwf/FindingWaterInfo.pdf.

You can watch this short video, OR call us toll-free at 1-877-770-5247: We can test your water for you at a very minimal charge.

14. What advantages does ionized water have over reverse osmosis or distillation?

Unlike Reverse Osmosis (RO) and distillation, which remove all minerals leaving the water dead ionized water concentrates health-giving alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium, after removing all harmful contaminants. Water from RO and distillation is very acid (pH 4.5-5.7) and so contributes to the over-acidity of our bodies. Alkaline water helps counteract acid / alkaline imbalance. Because RO and Distilled waters are mineral deficient and strongly acid, there are warnings from a number of physicians not to drink them on a sustained basis. In fact, plants watered with only distilled water fade quickly.

While RO and distilled waters are strongly oxidizing, alkaline ionized water is a proven powerful antioxidant, equivalent to fresh squeezed orange juice.

Having been completely demineralized, RO and distilled water are understandably -- flat tasting. The tastiness of water from Jupiter ionizers is one of its most immediate qualities: it brings delighted responses from everyone! Along with this go superior hydrating qualities.

Finally, let's compare the ongoing costs: In-home RO water is approximately 20% more expensive than ionized water. In-home distillation is 700 1000% more expensive than ionized water.

For a more thorough comparison of all types of water purification methods, click for our FREE Comparison Report. (Not just a water filter comparison)

15. Are there any cautions about drinking alkaline ionized water?

You should start slowly. Set the controls to the lowest level and drink one to three glasses per day. Assuming the water agrees with you, increase the amount you drink and the level of ionization intensity. High levels of alkalinity -- up to 9.5-10.0 -- are best for drinking water; the highest levels can be used for cooking. In a few individuals, the detoxification effects from drinking alkaline ionized water can cause headaches and diarrhea for a short time. And for some older people, ionized water can tend, at first, to open the bowels. This is why a slow start is advised. Use the Purified Water setting for taking any medications that your doctor advises not to be taken with alkaline water. Do not drink the acid water. Having said all of the above, be aware that millions of Japanese have been drinking alkaline ionized water daily over the last 30 years. The water ionizer has been approved as a Household Medical Instrument by the government of Japan. In addition, test results on safety by the Welfare Ministry in Japan reveal no harmful influences on the body.

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16. What can I use the acid ionized water for?

Acid ionized water is destructive to bacteria and is astringent. As a result it has found widespread application commercially in: nurseries, surgeries, food preparation areas, sprout and wheatgrass growers, florists, hospitals, etc. In the home it's an excellent cleansing and sterilizing agent, with uses in the kitchen, for hair and skin care, extending the life of flowers, promoting plant growth and many others: Download our staff report on the uses of acid ionized water here.

17. How reliable are Ionways ionizers?

Ionways water ionizers are built to last. Our manufacturer, EmcoTech has been manufacturing water ionizers for over 28 years, longer than other manufacturers in Korea or Japan. It is by far the leading brand in Korea (80%+ of the market) and it exports to 30 countries. By keeping quality at the highest level and prices reasonable; and by their determined commitment to Research and Development, Ionways has become a standard by which others measure themselves.

Ionways water ionizers have a less than 1% defect rate, the lowest in the industry. The platinum-coated titanium electrodes which are the heart of the ionizer are built to last at least 20 years. The manufacturing plant is ISO9001 rated.

Ionways/EmcoTech has been granted over 20 patents and been approved by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare for every Medical Device Certification they have applied for. Our water ionizers have been awarded the status of Health Product by the Ministry of Health, a designation difficult to achieve.

18. What are acid wastes?

Every living cell within our body creates waste products. The nutrients from our food are delivered to each cell and they burn with oxygen to provide energy for us to live. The burned nutrients are the waste products. Whether you eat the best of foods or the worst, all foods generate waste products. Foods, when classified as good or bad, are based on the amount and quality of the acid waste products they produce.

Our body will discharge this waste through urine and perspiration. Basically, all waste products are acidic, that is the reason our skin and urine have a low pH level. The real problem is that our body does not get rid of 100% of the waste it produces. Our life style, such as lack of rest, types of foods we eat and our environment helps produce these waste products, but does not help us eliminate them. In the vast majority of Westerners, diets heavy in meat, fried foods, soft drinks, and sweets build up acid salts in the body, as does stress and exposure to environmental pollutants.

What happens to those non-disposed acid wastes? As they build up within our body, these waste products become solid wastes, such as cholesterol, fatty acid, kidney stones, etc. This accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes is called acidosis. This condition accelerates the degeneration of cells, tissues, and the body as a whole. It accelerates the aging process. Drinking alkaline water makes it easier for the body to dispose of acid wastes. Just as the accumulation of wastes accelerates the aging process, the reduction of acid wastes retards the aging process.perhaps according to Sang Whang -- even reversing it. Alkaline water is not a medicine to treat or cure any diseases but if consumed regularly, alkaline water reduces acid waste, allowing a natural health improvement.

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19. Why should I remove chlorine from my drinking and bathing water?

Dr. Zoltan Rona, M.D. M.Sc. answers:
"Most people never give (the dangers of chlorine) a thought. After all, our elected public officials keep assuring us that chlorinated city tap water is completely safe for human consumption. Numerous scientific studies report that chlorinated tap water is a skin irritant and can be associated with rashes like eczema.

"Chlorinated water contains chemical compounds called trihalomethanes which are carcinogens resulting from the combination of chlorine with compounds in water. These chemicals, also known as organochlorides, do not degrade very well and are generally stored in the fatty tissues of the body (breast, other fatty areas, mother's milk, blood and semen). Organochlorides can cause mutations by altering DNA, suppress immune system function and interfere with the natural controls of cell growth.

"Chlorine has been documented to aggravate asthma" Several studies also link chlorine and chlorinated by-products to a greater incidence of bladder, breast and bowel cancer as well as malignant melanoma. One study even links the use of chlorinated tap water to congenital cardiac anomalies.

Anything you can do to filter tap and shower water that eliminates or minimizes chlorine would certainly be helpful and possibly curative for some immune system problems. The use of that source of water filtration devices is increasingly popular and affordable. Discuss their use with your health care practitioner".

(Dr. Zoltan P. Rona is author of "The Joy of Health" and "Return to the Joy of Health" and past president of the Canadian Holistic Medical Association.

For more information on Chlorine, see our Articles.

20.What is a pH saliva test?

In a healthy state, our saliva should be alkaline. However, a large majority of North Americans and Europeans are in an acid condition, and this can be demonstrated. If you're curious as to whether you're acidic, ask for our free pH saliva test by clicking here. In this simple test, special pH papers are used to measure the acidity /alkalinity of saliva under carefully controlled conditions. This can give you a relative, general picture. If you are relatively acidic and want to learn more about what that means to your health, see our Articles.

21. How soon do you ship products?

Generally within 3-5 days.

22. How do I get support before, during, or after purchase?

Call us at 1-877-770-5247. Or you can email Customer Care or fax us at 1-888-548-3475. We're happy to talk to you. If you need a water quality report for your area, click here.

23. Is alkaline water suitable for livestock and pets?

Alkaline water is used for horses (see Alkaline Water and Horses). commercial dairy operations (see Dairy Research), and for dogs and cats -- see our "Petstimonial" page! You can also watch this short video.

24.Can I connect an ionizer to my water softener?

It's not advisable to drink water from a water softener, nor to connect one to an ionizer. For alternatives, please call us at 877-770-5247(toll-free)

Please feel free to email us any questions you have that are not covered here: info@waterionizer.org

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