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Water Ionizers and filters

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No one stands behind their water ionizers like Best water. All our water ionizers come with a Lifetime warranty.. As distributors of Jupiter Ionizers we serve you from 2 offices in USA and Canada.

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  1.  Vesta Water Ionizer

    Vesta Water Ionizer

    This is the most efficient and powerful, high quality ionizer in the world. Learn More
    Price: USD $2,995.00

  2. Vitashower SF-1 Replacement Cartridge

    Vitashower SF-1 Replacement Cartridge

    For Vitashower SF-1 filters only. Lasts 6-12 months depending on how many people shower and for how long. Learn More
    Price: USD $33.95

  3. Athena Water Ionizer

    Athena Water Ionizer

    Dual filtration, premium counter-top ionizer (undersink kit available). Superior taste and health benefits. Lifetime warranty. 14 day Risk-free trial - Item No. JA01 Learn More
    Price: USD $2,395.00

  4. Delphi Water Ionizer

    Delphi Water Ionizer

    The Delphi's stylish and contemporary design, and cutting edge technology (updated 2010) set it apart from any other ionizer available today. Learn More
    Price: USD $2,895.00

  5. Melody Water Ionizer

    Melody Water Ionizer

    The Melody Water Ionizer has 9 levels of pH to choose from, giving it an extremely broad range of 3.8 (acid) to 11.0 (alkaline). (Note: The pH results from any water ionizer depend upon your source water. Generally speaking, harder water will produce more alkaline results.) 

    Learn More
    Price: USD $1,695.00

  6. Venus Water Ionizer

    Venus Water Ionizer

    Emco Tech's dedication to bringing you the world's finest ionizers at the fairest prices has taken a quantum leap forward with the Venus. This ionizer brings you advanced features at the lowest price.

    Learn More

    Price: USD $1,295.00

  7. Double Spouted Faucet Undersink Kit (PATENT PENDING)

    Double Spouted Faucet Undersink Kit (PATENT PENDING)

    Many customers desire the luxury of installing an ionizer under the sink. In the past, a single spouted faucet was available in these instances, but that system was flawed because access to the acid water was lost. Learn More
    Price: USD $199.95

  8. Biostone Plus Filter

    Biostone Plus Filter

    Nine-stage state-of-the-art filtration for all Jupiter ionizers (Except Vesta and Regency II). Learn More

    Price: USD $89.95

  9. Biostone Ultrafine Filter

    Biostone Ultrafine Filter

    Extremely fine filtration: 0.01 micron. Silver-coated activated carbon with Tourmaline and Coral Calcium. Learn More
    Price: USD $98.95

  10. Alkapod Portable Ionizer

    Alkapod Portable Ionizer

    The Alkapod converts regular water into alkaline, ionized water that you can drink anywhere, anytime. A technological breakthrough in portable water ionizers.


    Learn More
    Price: USD $139.95