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H2 alkaline water

Health Benefits

Improves the effectiveness of the nutrition from your food, supplements and medicines.

Increases your vitality and energy level as well as reducing your biological age.

Cleans & detoxifies our body while delivering a powerful antioxidant.

Decrease in the symptoms of most common illnesses.

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What you need to know

About Ionizers

Our water ionizers have always provided the benefits of dissolved hydrogen (H2) and now with the recent discovery of just how good H2 is, our current line of ionizers has been upgraded with advanced cleaning technology and other enhancements to maximize the production of H2. Here are some of the benefits of this amazing antioxidant!

H2 acts as a selective antioxidant. It will only neutralize the most harmful, cell damaging free radical such as the hydroxyl radical.

H2 doesn’t neutralize other useful and necessary free radicals which may not be the case for other antioxidants.

H2 is the smallest molecule (1/88 the size of Vitamin C) allowing it to be effective in areas that other much larger antioxidants and supplements will never reach.

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We’re Best Water Inc.

Why buy from us?

Not one BBB complaint in ten years of business.

No-questions-asked 14 day return policy.

Lifetime guarantee on ALL Best Water ionizers.

Oldest, most trusted and successful Water Ionizer company in the world.

Free full water consultation to determine best water solution for you.

Ten-years-plus experienced Water Experts, to educate and inform.

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