Best Water Slashes Prices for Water Ionizers in Support of Alberta Flood Victims

With water quantity and quality on the minds of Southern Albertans, Best Water wants to help all Canadians drink themselves healthy

Today, Albertans can stop their desperate search and hoarding of bottled water because Best Water has the purest solution for everyone’s water concerns.

“To make clean, healthy water available for all, we are combining our most economical water ionizer with reverse osmosis in this flooding special offer,” said Eva Munk-Madsen, Office Manager at BEST WATER.

All consumers have to do is call (877) 959-2661 (toll-free), and they can save half the price of an AlkaViva Reverse Osmosis System when purchasing a Venus Water Ionizer. That is a savings of just over $200.00.

“Don’t stress over the quality of your drinking water or spend another dollar on a bottle of water. When you work with a water specialist at Best Water, you can breath easy knowing your drinking water is not only safe, but also full life-changing health benefits.” said Mike Crowley at Best Water.

The AlkaViva Reverse Osmosis system takes care of the contaminants in well or tap water, while the Venus Water Ionizer ensures that your drinking water is alkaline as opposed to acidic like most bottled waters.

“Since more than three years I am drinking the ionized alkaline water and I am so much enjoying it…” said Angela Baldinger, Edmonton, AB.

According to the nonprofit organization Natural Resources Defense Council, no one should believe that bottled water is better regulated or better than tap water. According to some studies, there is little difference between bottled and tap water, especially if manufacturers are not being upfront about the source of its bottled water. Think the tap is best option? Consider some contaminates regularly found in tap water: medication residue, chemicals from manufacturing, etc. And don’t forget about the chemicals (Chlorine) and their toxic byproducts added to cleanse tap water. Alkaline ionized water is the best, purest water for your body, and Best Water is offering it at an incredible savings.

Founded in 1999, Best Water has earned a reputation as one of the world’s premier retailers and wholesalers of water ionizers. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to bring a mountain stream to consumers tap.