Don’t throw away your acidic water!

You have an ionizer and are enjoying the benefits of alkaline water. But what can you do with your acidic water other than just pour it down the drain?

“The other day I burned my hand and submerged it right away in a bowl of acidic water,” says Minucha Colborne. Colborne has been a water consultant for Best Water for over 10 years and knows the benefits of using an ionizer well, but even she was amazed. “ Not only did the pain go away almost immediately but I had no blister or burn afterwards.”

Not only is acidic water good for healing cuts and scrapes and burns but it has a number of other uses.

Acidic water has an astringent effect and can be helpful for preventing and treating acne and other skin irritations such as: athlete’s foot, chapped hands, insect bites and nail fungus.

Rinse your hair with acidic water to help prevent hair loss, dandruff and itchy scalp. It’s also good for use in shaving as it’s a natural aftershave and helps protect against skin rash.

Acidic water contains disinfecting properties and may be helpful for cleaning cutting boards, kitchen counters and sinks. It’s very effective in cleaning glass, mirrors and knives and has a natural bleaching action for general household cleaning.

Plants love it, as it is similar to rain water which is also acidic.

“I have so many uses for my acidic water,” says Colborne. “It’s really a big plus that many people forget about after they get an ioniser.”




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