Exercise and hydration – are you getting enough?

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining and it’s a perfect day to go out for a jog. You jump into your running gear and start to head out the door. But are you forgetting something?

Even though you’ve got your water bottle in hand, don’t go out for a run before making sure you’re properly hydrated. Hydration is particularly important for the morning workout enthusiast. Remember, you’ve just awakened from an 8-10 hour fast. Because proper hydration improves the quality of your workout, reduces fatigue, reduces recovery time, and increases your level of satisfaction, it is especially important for you to hydrate yourself before as well as after your workout session.

Keep in mind that thirst is not the best scale by which to measure whether or not you are well hydrated. Drink water before your workout; you lose water while you exercise even without heavy perspiration.

Water temperature and hydration

Is the temperature of the water important for hydration? During and after exercise, you want to rapidly replace fluids lost due to sweat, so cold water is preferable to room temperature drinks.

There are some other good reasons for drinking cold water. Your body expends a little more energy to warm up ice-cold water to body temperature. The effect is minor – about 17.6 calories for a 16-ounce glass of ice water. But if you repeat this throughout the day for five or more glasses, you may burn as many calories as walking or running a mile!

What happens if you become dehydrated while exercising?

Heat illness can occur when your body is dehydrated and can’t cool itself effectively during exercise in hot or humid weather. There are 3 stages of heat illness:

  • Heat cramps
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heatstroke

Symptoms of heat cramps include painful muscle spasms in the legs, stomach, arms, or back. Symptoms of heat exhaustion are more serious. They can include faint or weak feelings, nausea, headache, fast heartbeat, and low blood pressure.

The most serious heat-related illness is heatstroke. Symptoms can include high body temperature (higher than 104°F), fast heartbeat, flushed skin, fast breathing, and possibly even delirium, loss of consciousness, or seizures. You should get emergency medical attention immediately if you experience any of the symptoms of heatstroke. Untreated heatstroke can lead to death.

What are you drinking?

Make sure you have plenty of clean, filtered water to drink before, during and after exercise. Your body will thank you for it.

Are you drinking the best water possible? If you’re not sure about drinking tap water, don’t like the taste, or are worried about the contaminants in tap water, you will want to check out our range of water filters and ionizers. They all infuse dissolved hydrogen into the water which further aids in hydration and H2 has numerous other health benefits.

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