H2 Water for Beautiful Skin and Hair

You’ve tried all of the creams and lotions on the market and still you’re disappointed with the results. You’re tired of spending a small fortune on every new beauty treatment on the market. But what if that fountain of youth that you’re looking for actually exists and it is no further away than your tap?

If you have a H2 water ionizer you’re probably aware of the many health benefits drinking H2 water has. But did you know that your skin can also benefit from molecular hydrogen?

Natural springs have drawn hordes of people looking for healthy, wrinkle free and young looking skin for centuries. But you may not have to travel to remote springs or expensive health spas to enjoy those ‘healing waters’. A recent study tested a mineral water with reductive characteristics and prepared water containing molecular hydrogen. The results revealed that bathing in both of these waters decreased the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of human skin. Bathing in hydrogen water not only reduced the ORP of skin but also improved its elasticity.

H2 water may also be an effective way to treat sunburns. One group of researchers gave hairless mice sunburns. They bathed one group in tap water and the other in hydrogen water. The skin of the mice bathed in hydrogen water showed significantly lower skin injury.

Hydrogen water was also seen to prevent arsenic-impaired calcium signaling which is involved in skin cancer in keratinocytes (predominate cell type in skin) through both its antioxidant and non-antioxidant cell signaling effects. That means hydrogen does double duty as it not only exerts protection and benefits on the skin because it’s an antioxidant, but also as a cell signaling molecule.

And your skin is not the only thing that will benefit from hydrogen water, researchers found that treating bleached hair with H2 water gave an improvement in fluency and gloss.

So if you already have an H2 ionizer you might want to enjoy the many benefits both inside and outside.

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