How to choose a water filtration system

Since about 2007, scientists in Japan have been studying the effects of Molecular Hydrogen or H2 and there are now over 500 published scientific papers and peer reviewed studies finding hydrogen enriched drinking water to be highly beneficial for over 150 diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke and trauma, inflammation, injury recovery, hearing loss, eye damage and more.

Many people have reported benefits from using alkaline water ionizers, but it wasn’t until 2007-2010 that scientists and researchers understood that the therapeutic property in alkaline ionized water was hydrogen gas. As a result of this new research the water ionizer industry has been completely revolutionized to take advantage of this new information.

Our water ionizers have always provided the benefits of dissolved hydrogen (H2) and now with the recent discovery of just how good H2 is, our current line of ionizers has been upgraded with advanced cleaning technology and other enhancements to maximize the production of H2. Here is our line up in order of price.

Top of the line: The new Vesta H2

  • The 9-plate Vesta H2 offers you our UltraWater Technology plus 13 stages of cutting-edge filtration to give you the healthiest water that is pristine and ultra-clean.
  • Our engineers found that you get the best performance when you have a highly engineered electrode design matched with proper power density. Our SmartDesign Electrodes are engineered to deliver maximum efficiency. The Vesta H2 ionizer offers the perfect combination of electrode design and count and the optimal power to run them. The result is a great flow rate, top performance, absolute reliability and lasting durability.
  • Most other systems that create decent H2 have to run at a maximum setting and produce water above 10 pH to achieve that result. Not only is it questionable in health terms, but water that high in pH tastes bad! It also it stresses the electrodes. The Vesta H2 is better than other systems at delivering H2 performance, especially at lower more drinkable – and safer – pH levels.
  • The Vesta pioneered DARC cleaning. This is simply the best way to help ensure that the most critical component of the ionizer – the electrodes – stays free of scale buildup. Scaling is the enemy of performance.

 Mid- Range: The Athena H2

 The Athena H2 has been updated to a 7-plate model with a next generation SMPS power supply, AutoAdjust and DARC cleaning. Keeping the smaller and efficient standard, it is redesigned with Hydrogen Infusion Technology that specifically optimizes performance, especially the production of molecular hydrogen or H2.

Why does the Athena H2 perform so well compared to all of the other comparable water ionizers? There are many reasons for the outstanding performance of the Athena H2 water ionizers but because a lot of the design is proprietary and a trade secret we can only tell you that within the electronic structure the power switches from alternating current to direct current, which is one of the ways the greater amounts of antioxidants is achieved. You get the new performance standard along with the same solid reliability all beautifully packaged in an updated and more attractive design.

Most affordable: The UltraStream

The UltraStream may be our most affordable system but it doesn’t skip on quality. With the UltraStream, you can be sure that you’ll have more for less. You’ll have more of the performance enhancement aspects of hydrogen rich water including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and ant-oxidant benefits. And you’ll have less cost. That means you’ll have more money left over for other things that can enhance your health like buying organic fruits and vegetables or taking that yoga vacation that you’ve been eyeing.

The UltraStream has no transformer, internal plumbing, flow sensors, diodes or any other electronic parts so that it is completely maintenance free. Every time you install a new filter you virtually get a new water alkalizer and H2 system. The UltraStream is sleek and elegant to fit any style kitchen and simple to install. The freestanding model is easy to transport for holiday travel, campers and cottage.

Clean pure water

All of our water ionizers/filters remove most contaminants you find in tap water including: fluoride, chorine, lead, mercury, PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, arsenic, perchlorates, dioxins, HCB, or Hexachlorobenzene, dacthal, trace pharmaceuticals as well as microbeads and microplastics.

Best Water filtration systems remove from 5 microns to as small as .1 microns of fibers. Since most of the fibers are 10 microns in size, these filters would remove almost all of the plastic fibers from tap water. Also our specialty filters such as the bone char fluoride removal filter can provide an additional level of filtration to any system.

If you’re still unsure which ionizer is best for your needs, give us a call. Our skilled water experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. 877-770-5247



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