Kangen Water®

Interested in Kangen Water®?

Kangen Water® is a registered trademark of Enagic Co. Ltd, and is the marketing term for Alkaline Ionized Water, i.e. water produced by a water ionizer.

Water ionizers are the health breakthrough that allow you to turn your kitchen tap into an mountain stream, by providing you with drinking water that will:

  • restore your alkaline balance and prevent the build up of the acid toxins that lead to degenerative disease
  • act as a powerful antioxidant(more powerful than a glass of fresh orange juice), promoting a strong immune system
  • remove the contaminants that are present even in your municipal or district water
  • taste so good and have such hydrating qualities, that you’ll drink more, and feel the higher levels of energy associated with good hydration.

Ionways: The Highest Quality Ionizers — By The World’s Largest Manufacturer — At The World’s Fairest Prices

So please don’t be misled….if you’re looking for Kangen water®, you’re looking for a brand of water ionizer. And the largest, most reliable and longest-established manufacturer of water ionizers in the world is Ionways (formerly Jupiter) Ionizers by Emco Tech. As a national distributor, we can offer you a range of water ionizers superior to the Enagic products, and at a fraction of their price. How? Simple —We do not market by multilevel marketing.

This allows us to a pass along to you top-of-the-line Jupiter water ionizers (the world’s best selling ionizers) at a price that doesn’t include several levels of commissions.

As you may already know, ionized water addresses the alkaline-acidic imbalance of your system (click here for information on this important subject). To determine if you are in fact acidic or alkaline, during this month we’ll be happy to send you a free alkaline tester that will show you your relative pH levels. Just call us at 1-877-770-5247 and we’ll send you one immediately.

You may be asking yourself:

  • Just what will this water do for me anyway?

Then if you’ll take a moment to call us, you’ll get our new DVD — you’ll learn how Kangen Water® compares with Ionways, and see for yourself the amazing health benefits of alkaline ionized water. (No charge)