Ionways Water Ionizer

Ionways Water Ionizer

Why is Ionways (formerly Jupiter) the #1 water ionizer company in the world?

Because for 28 years, — longer than anyone else in the industry – we have manufactured the world’s most efficient and best-selling water ionizers. Here’s what efficiency means for you:

Our ionizers are compact in size, yet do a better job than other brands. See the independent lab results . This way your kitchen counter is not cluttered with the huge, ungainly “breadbox” machines of others. To learn why bigger does not equal better.


Our patented mesh plates give you the most powerfully antioxidant drinking water at the recommended levels of alkalinity. What good are the claims of other water ionizers that would have you drinking water of pH 10.5 – not only unhealthy but bad tasting? What is important is drinking water at the mildly alkaline levels of pH8.5 to pH9.5 with good -ORP values.

Don’t waste electricity…oversized plates mean oversize bills.

Durability An ionizer is an investment – you want it to last! Find out more about how Ionways’ unique patented cleaning cycle keeps your ionizer working efficiently for years to come.

Fewer plates, less electricity, lifetime service = The Green Machine.

Efficiency also means that our continual R&D innovation gives you top-of-the-line technology while keeping the cost at 40-50% of some of our competitors. Being the industry leader means we can invest in research, where smaller firms cannot. You’re not stuck with fly-by-night doodads and “improvements” that haven’t stood the test of time.

And that’s why we can stand behind our ionizers with a lifetime warranty: tried and true technology and the lowest return rate in the industry.

Widely respected in the industry Ionways was chosen by Tennant Company — one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial cleaning machines. Tennant spent over $200,000 just researching what company manufactured the best quality and longest lasting water electrolysis cells. They choose IonWays / EmcoTech as their supplier, then went on to win the 2009 European Innovation Award for their cleaners that use electrically activated water for cleaning instead of chemicals.

Certified Our ISO certified factory makes the water ionizer cells for other major companies such as Samsung, LG, Toyo, and Hyundai. And of course, our water ionizers were the first to be certified to UL, CSA. and CE safety standards.

Did you know? We don’t pay celebrities to endorse our product. Dr. Ted Baroody (Alkalize or Die), Sang Whang (Reverse Aging), and the Japanese and Korean Ministries of Health endorse Ionways products – without incentives.

Find out: Why our 5 Plate Water Ionizers Outperform the Competition

To learn Why Best Water?

History and Accomplishments of Ionways

Established date: Emco Tech 1970 Doong Yang 1982 [over 25 years in the water ionizer field] Products:Medical equipment, filters, and water purifiers Head office/ factory location: 163-3 Dodang-dong Wonmi-gu Bucheon Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Also, research and manufacturing factory in Japan. R&D Department with 20 PhDs on staff. Related Companies: Dong Yang Bio Valley, IonPia, Winia System, Dong Yang, Ionia, Jupiter Science, Emco Tech, Ionways OEM Companies : Hyundai, LG, Samsung, Toyo Industries Technology overview: Over 20 patents, plus registration of many new designs Over 30 water ionizers developed 10 hot and cold water ionizer patents applied for International certificates such as: * CSA and UL Safety Certifications * CE (European safety certificate) obtained * JIS (Japanese safety certificate) obtained * FDA health device safety certificate * ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates * Industry’s first Good Manufacturing Practice certificate * Industrial Medal of Merit (from Japanese Emperor)

Tennant Company (NYSE:TNC), a global leader in the design and manufacture of cleaning equipment and solutions, has created a breakthrough technology using water ionizer cells from Ionways / Emco Tech.

After extensive research and hundreds of thousands of dollars, Tennant chose Ionways (Emco Tech) ionizer cell technology for its superior performance, reliability, and durability. They also chose IonLife as their International Agent for these cells. That a 135-year-old leading International Cleaning Company would choose Jupiter and IonLife from all other ionizing companies is a great vote of confidence in their ability to manufacture and deliver quality water ionization technology.

Approval for medical equipment manufacturing – Ministry of Health and Welfare Strong focus on technology development and quality excellence


Brand name and Manufacturer: IONWAYS (FORMERLY JUPITER) International Export Company: Emco Tech World leaders with exports to over 30 countries in the world. Production plant largest in Asia – able to manufacture over 100,000 units a month

Jupiter Science History

  • May 1982 Jupiter Dong Yang Science Co. Ltd. was established
  • February 1986 Approved to produce Medical materials by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (No.226)
  • February 1986 “Jupiter-3” Approved( Korean Machinery Research Center No.39-073 )
  • July 1987 “Dong Yang Happyate” approved ( Korean Machinery Research Center No.39-082)
  • November 1987 “Jupiter-365 Astonion” approved ( Korean Mach Research)
  • December 1987 “Jupiter-88 Lady” approved (Korean Machinery Research Center No.39-163 )
  • April 1989 “Jupiter-700” approved ( Korean Machinery Research Center No.39-097 )
  • July 1989 Registered Jupiter Trademark No.174096 ( The Office of Patent Administration )
  • April 1990 “Jupiter-1100” approved (Korean Machinery research center No.39-113 )
  • July 1990 Registration of Utility Patent Design (No.105908) “Hot and Cool Ionizer” registered by the Office of Patent Administration
  • July 1991 Obtained UL approval (Underwriters Laboratories Inc. )
  • July 1991 Obtained JIS Approval (Japanese industrial standard)
  • November 1991 Registration of Utility Model Patent (No.0603325) “Hot and Cool Ionizer Device” registered by the Office of Patent Administration
  • October 1992 Registration of designs (No.1133119) ” Main body for Hot and Cool Purifier” registered by the Office of Patent Administration.
  • July 1993 Registered Grade A Electric Appliance Manufacturer (No.3-8-351) Kyonggi-Do City
  • July 1993 Joined Electric Appliance Safety supervision Association
  • July 1993 Registered as member of Korean Trade Association.
  • December 1993 ” Electric saved Ice maker” approved by Korean Industrial Promotion Administration
  • March 1995 “electric shaved Ice domestic use” approved by Korean Industrial Advancement Administration.
  • April 1995 “Electric hot and Cool Purifier” approved by Korean Industrial Promotion Administration.
  • June 1995 Registered Trademark (No.315979) of Hexa Jupiter by the Office of Patent Administration
  • September 1995 Registered Trademark (No.322179) of Jupiter by the Office of Patent Administration.
  • September 1995 Purchased an Industrial Complex in Kwangmyung-City Model Industrial Complex.
  • October 1996 Start to operate the Second Factory in Buchon-City
  • March 1996 Win official commendation as an exemplary enterprise from the Office of National Tax Administration.
  • March 1997 Approved to produce materials by the ministry of Health and Welfare (NO. 610)
  • March 1997 JM-901, JT-801 and JA-701 approved
  • June 1999 Registration of Utility Model Patent and Item Approval. (JP-101) registered by the office of Patent administration.
  • March 2000 Obtained CE Mark (JA-701)
  • October 2000 Changed Company name to DongYang Science Co., Ltd.
  • April 2001 “Electric Mattress” approved by Korean Industrial Promotion Administration
  • June 2001 Obtained ISO9001 Certification
  • July 2001 Obtained CE Mark Approval (JP-101)

Since 2001 — yet to be updated


  • Industrial Medal of Merit (Japanese Emperor)
  • Chosen by Hankook Ilbo (Korean Newspaper) best product award
  • Chosen by Sports Seoul as best product award
  • Chosen by GOOD DAY Best Product Award
  • Chosen by Hankook Ilbo (Korean Newspaper) Customer Satisfaction and Top Quality Award
  • Most Promising Medium Sized Business Award (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
  • Kyunggi Medium Sized Business Award (Kyunggi Area Medium Sized Business Corporation)
  • Most Promising Medium Sized Export Business Award (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
  • New Specialized Technology Venture Business Award (Kyunggi Area Medium Sized Business Corporation)
  • First Industry Water Ionizer Manufacturing 1 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
  • Secretary of Health Award
  • Chinese health permit
  • Best Health Device Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) Certificate
  • Korean President Commendation
  • Venture Business Award( New Technology Business)
  • Family Industry Business Assignment (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
  • Business Foundation Environmental Technical Research Office Permission (Korean Business Promotion Society)

Jupiter Science Patents

  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 2002. 2. 5 Application Number 0006454
  • Electrolytic cell with water ionizer
  • Conversion device 2001.8. 29 Registration Number 0308448
  • Circulative electrolytic solution producer with propeller 2002 11. 29 Application Number 0035692
  • Ionized cool and hot water producer 2002. 11. 29 Application Number 0035693
  • Electrolytic cell that produces Sterilized water 2002.11. 29 Application Number 0035694
  • Portable water ionizer 2000. 9. 28 Registration Number 0206115
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 2000. 3. 5 Application Number 0171338
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 1999. 12. 3 Application Number 0171338
  • Conversion valve connection mouth for water cooler / heater 1997. 11. 26 Registration Number 0114306
  • Water dispenser after ionizing 1991. 8. 6 Registration Number 0060332
  • Water ionizer mounting water supply handling) 2002. 11. 29 Application Number 0034169
  • Ionized water mounting (Filter mounting) 2002.11. 29 Application Number 0034177
  • Conversion valve for water ionizer 2000. 5. 18 Registration Number 0022154
  • Body of electrolytic cell for water ionizer 1995.5. 23 Registration Number 001296
  • Water supply distribution panel for water ionizer 1995. 5. 23 Registration Number 001295
  • Body of water cooler / heater 1992. 10. 23 Registration Number 017160

Jupiter Science water ionizers were the first CE/CSA/UL approved water ionizers on the market and have a state of the art production plant capable of manufacturing over 100,000 units a month. They continue to lead with the lowest return/repair rate in the industry and their Research Department is always far ahead of other imitators in the field.