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Perhaps you’re already enjoying the benefits of drinking H2 rich water in your daily life and it’s a great way to boost your health. But what about when you’re exercising or when you’re not feeling so fit?

In a recent study on sports related injury, oral and topical hydrogen intervention was found to be effective in the treatment of soft tissue injuries in male professional athletes. They recovered faster than the athletes that just had the traditional interventions and were able to return to training quicker.

Another study examined the effects of 28-days supplementation with one liter per day of hydrogen-rich water on exercise capacity and quality of life in overweight mid-age women. H2 significantly improved cardiorespiratory endurance as compared to placebo at 28-day follow-up. Improvements were also found for time to exhaustion and total work completed during an incremental exercise, with H2 water. Results indicate that H2 can be used as an alternative hydration formulation to improve exercise performance in mid-age overweight women.

That means that not only will H2 water help your cardiovascular fitness and help your muscles recover faster after a workout at the gym, H2 water will also help you recover should you injure yourself while exercising.

So the next time you head out for a workout don’t forget to take your portable H2 water bottle with you. Not just your regular water bottle, this bottle generates dissolved hydrogen in just five minutes or less, anywhere, all day long. You’ll feel hydrated and energized for your workout and your muscles will recover faster with the extra boost from the dissolved hydrogen.  https://www.waterionizer.org/product/h2-water-technology/hydrogen-water-bottle-aok-808

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