Alkaline Water and Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

  • Your Tap water is contaminated with “allowable” levels of heavy metals, pesticide residues, drugs, chlorine and chlorine by-products, and in some cases bacteria. How much mercury and chlorine are you willing to drink daily?
  • Bottled water–if you drink it– is acid. That’s right, take any national brand and test it: you’re drinking water that’s almost as acid as pop. Bottled water is also one of the biggest business scams in history, charging you $1.50 for a penny’s worth of water, while polluting the earth with plastic.
  • Reverse Osmosis water and Distilled water are acid as well — plus devoid of all minerals. But maintaining a proper alkaline balance is key in maintaining health. For example, cancer thrives in an acid environment.
  • All of these kinds of water — tap, bottled, carbon filtered, reverse osmosis, and distilled water — test as “oxidizing” — you know: the opposite of an antioxidant. Oxidation is the process of “rusting”, or the browning of an apple, and — in your body — leads to the breakdown of cells. Oxidation has been shown to be the root cause of much degenerative disease.
  • Most people don’t drink enough water. Instead they drink coffee, tea and soft drinks. It’s not surprising: most water doesn’t taste that good. Yet water is the MOST essential nutrient there is, and proper hydration is the key to avoiding many degenerative diseases.
  • So here’s the dilemma: WHAT DO I DO? How do I make sure I’m drinking lots of water —good tasting water, free of contaminants, not acid but alkaline, an ANTI-oxidant instead of an oxidant, WITH minerals, and WITHOUT getting ripped off?

To find out how, start with finding out just what is in your current drinking water. Get a free water quality report for your area by filling out the form for US or Canada.

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