Athena Sediment Filter

Athena Sediment Filter

For: Athena Ionizers

Price: $49.95
Canadian Shipping: $15.55

We are now making it easier for you to maintain the benefit of your Jupiter Water Ionizer

Your ionizer works best when the filter is changed every 8-12 months.

It’s easy to forget to order a replacement filter when the time comes, and leaving a filter in too long can reduce the quality of your water, and even void your warranty.

We created the Filter Club to make sure you always have the best quality water (and to save you some money) without the hassle of remembering to order when the time comes.

As a filter club member, we will bill your credit card and ship you a replacement filter automatically so you never risk going too long between replacements.

It’s like changing the oil in your car regularly. By replacing your filter every 8 or 12 months, you extend the life of your ionizer and make sure you are drinking the purest, cleanest water possible.

To join, simply choose the 8 or 12 month option below, and check the box.

We will ship you a new filter today, and then automatically 8 or 12 months from now.

You will save $7 Can on today’s order and on all future filter orders as long as you are a filter club member.

You can call any time at 1-877-770-5247.